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[the 29th long black lion Festival - Somiya shrine (shrine) -]

[the 29th long black lion Festival - Somiya shrine (shrine) -] : Image

What give glory to the last of the 29th long black lion Festival
Shrine Somiya shrine (we see so and may be jeering).

Somiya shrine of the origin of lion dance of Nagai and said shrine.
By lion dance that formality based on tradition and historical fact of the history is high in,
It is registered as designated immaterial folk cultural assets of city.

Introduction of Shinto shrine
 In the case of approximately 1,200 years ago, sakajodemmuramaryoshogunhigashisei of Yamato Takeru
 Perform giving a post-humous honorific title of benevolence of the gods, and pray for peace of native district; and akahosanhakuchodaimeishin
 This was founded by this ground.
 Perform enshrining of more than two deities of Shinto shrine of 44 places of Nagai volost in 1593, Nagai town all-out with local deity
 We did and changed firm's name to "Satoru shrine".
Annual festival Sun: September 15, 16th

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It is grand finalea in this!
Heroic dance of black lion, the offense and defense with defense (guard), faith niummai stand...!
It was full of the highlight and became black lion Festival of a lot of memories this year.

Lingering sound of festival and flute and drumbeat remain in ear still more,
(#^-^#)/ where "the 29th long black lion Festival" becomes the end
You saw till the last, and thank you!

▼Live broadcast is grand finalea, too!

▼Even radio which cried broadcasts live until from 5:00 p.m. to 9:30!

 We listen on Internet simultaneous radio

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