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The '18 azalea flowering situation (May 15)

The '18 azalea flowering situation (May 15): Image

~ which we tell about the flowering situation of ~ white azalea

1st (', ω, `) that I feel cloudy sky, but is very hot from morning

But wind to occasionally blow is feeling Iide shin ~♪


White azalea Park is becoming "from four minutes to five minutes coming out" generally now,

We reach in full bloom…!



▲This is azalea in Park.

Sunshine filtering through foliage is photograph brilliancy island shin ~ very much!


As weather was good, too

There was much one that looked at azalea while sitting on bench while putting up the sunshade (^ω^` *)


▲We introduce rare azalea that two pieces of petals are piled up this year!

There are only two in garden, but please look for; ~ヽ ('ω `) /


According to the story of person who came to look at azalea from Shirataka-machi,

It is what's called "satsuki" of heath family from form of leaf…Did you have you tell this?



▲Of Azuma it comes to look like.

As you can look around azumayakaraha Park, please climb♪



▲It looks like we looked around from Kotai Shrine in azalea Park.

Furuki "seven soldier of the Imperial Guard azalea" is still state of bud (', ω ・`)



▲As local elementary school was over early today

There were children who played with water in river which flowed through the Park with friend (*^ ∀ ^*)

Wed was considerably cold, as is expected, should we say youth?…



Sale, kyuikoitoko "azalea building" of product product

It keeps product product and cake or ice♪
As there is free behavior of tea, please take a break inside!


☆. : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆☆ . : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆. : *・°☆
In full bloom expectation or the latest situation,
We will tell in this "Nagai-shi portal site" at any time!
Please check!

We perform sending of leaflet of white azalea and tourist brochure of Nagai-shi.
If you like, please feel free to contact from this!

☆. : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆☆ . : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆. : *・°☆


White azalea Park MAP


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