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[we make our debut this autumn! Snow young circle]

[we make our debut this autumn! Snow young circle]: Image

Thank you for waiting!! More much-talked-about "snow young circle"
Of "river ヾ (〃 ^ ∇ ^) no which is debut in all and Nagai" online shop

As brother by courtesy of Tsuya-hime of last year snow young circle (yukiwakamaru) is smart and manly
The name is decided and is new kind of Yamagata Prefecture expectation to become beginning to sell from this autumn.

For a feeling of Tsubu which completion of the cooking glistened like snow white and did well while being sticky,
We attract attention as "new texture".

By the way...!
Under the theme of dining table that Japan is fine as for the logo mark of "snow young circle"
We seem to image "tea bowl which a good rice was served in and gathering family".
"Snow young circle" seems to be rice which is good to curry according to theme (*'u `*)w

We do selling by subscription with a limitation of amount! It is First come, first served♪

Order of snow young circle from this...☆★
※From about the middle of October is sent.

[this article is blog of long fan club]
☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
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Long fan club blog ver.4

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