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[♪ during Nagai black bekomatsuri ticketing]

[♪ during Nagai black bekomatsuri ticketing] : Image

"Long Iguro bekomatsuri" which becomes annual every year
Became ticketing this year from Monday, May 21 (o^ ∇ ^o); no
It is churn which can taste Yonezawa beef from Nagai at a bargain price!

The date from the midday of Saturday, June 16.
☆Roasted meat set (for four people) ticket 15,000 yen☆
≪Set contents≫
・Yonezawa beef A5 class (1�) from Nagai
・Four rice balls
・Four local sake one cups
・Vegetables set
・Sauce of roasted meat

State ~ of ~ last year
Meat which melts away sizzlingly! Roasted meat to eat outside is more delicious.
Enjoy noisily together; is uncool (*'u `*)/

≪Ticket handling place≫
・Nagai-shi agriculture and forestry section    (TEL: 0238-87-0831)
・Roadside Station "all and Nagai of river" (TEL: 0238-87-1121)
・Port (TEL which is market greens which cried: 0238-83-2345)
・The JA Yamagata Okitama ayame branch (TEL: 0238-83-3511)
・Director JA Yamagata Okitama Mana well (TEL: 0268-84-2682)
※As ticket becomes the end as soon as it is sold out
 Request is (^^)v early

〇 For more details, 0 (Nagai-shi government office homepage)

≪Contact information≫

Long Iguro bekomatsuri executive committee office
Nagai-shi agriculture and forestry section (TEL: 0238-87-0831)

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