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◆The trophy prize tradition sake yeast "first grandchild" ◆Quite popular

◆The trophy prize tradition sake yeast "first grandchild" ◆Quite popular: Image

There are more repeaters saying "it was delicious!"!

International wine challenge (IWC) 2018

Winning the trophy prize [the tradition sake yeast first grandchild] sells!

Each prize of sake section was announced, and record-high, the number of the gold medal acquisition of Yamagata Prefecture came first in the number of the acquisition according to the metropolis and districts by 17 brands consecutively for five years!
It is "best excellent sake prefecture Yamagata in Japan".

Trophy prize is blue ribbon chosen among gold medal acquisition brand!

Liquor which is correct with horse mouth that "the tradition sake yeast first grandchild" made use of characteristic made with sake yeast of traditional technique in warming, cold both sides!
Please drink at this opportunity♪

1,800 ml of winning the trophy prize "tradition sake yeast first grandchildren"

International wine challenge sake section
Winning the trophy prize! Please drink.

Warehouseman: higashikitamei*
Inner capacity: 1,800 ml
Product cord: hatu

Price 1,863 yen (tax-included)


"Gift box"

This product is product which does not enter box
In the case of present, place gift box to cart!

Inner capacity: 720ml/1800ml
Product cord: hako

Price 110 yen (tax-included)



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Shine brightly! Gift of local sake ~ liquor of Yamagata to Haneda liquor shop: Image

Shine brightly! Gift of local sake ~ liquor of Yamagata to Haneda liquor shop

◆◆ that thank you very much for coming in homepage of Haneda liquor shop .

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