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Uesugi brilliant civilization building "first public exhibition Yozan Uesugi connection and the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji period document"

As for the Uesugi brilliant civilization building of 2018, you want to see cultural assets of connection mainly on national treasure, precious historical materials under the theme of "first public exhibition Yozan Uesugi connection and the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji period document".


[display period] From Thursday, May 24, 2018 to Tuesday, June 26  


<< misfortune of person of the third Uesugi >>

 Much domestic administration documents around Yozan Uesugi are included in document in the early modern times of person of national treasure Uesugi document. From document about ceremonial occasion, we gathered up thing about "misfortune" this time.

 Delivery risked death, and therefore there were a lot of women who died in those days. Yashiro is the one, too. In addition, there is example which the death rate of children is robbed of its life by for smallpox even if the death of infants grows up from the start highly a lot. Both Yozan and chodankenko of rich no and yojo to introduce this time died because of smallpox.

 It is revealed that it was year when it is serious for (1821), five years in (1816) and 1821 in 1816 when we see misfortune of person of imminent Uesugi to juteidai ~ *teidai. Reception room pure princess of chihirome died in the Edo era in July in 1816, and bokuruwanyoin died in the Edo era in intercalary August. And ex-Emperor mother Kazuhisa of *tei died in Yonezawa in September. In addition, beisawashindenhansandaihanshujosugishotei (chihirometei) died in the Edo era in November, 1821. Rich no concubine of Yozan died in Yonezawa in December. Yozan died in Yonezawa in March, 5, the following day. Yozan and honor high rich no of Mrs. Ken left the world in difference for three months. And older sister light of rich no was Edo in September, and chihirome became dead in Yonezawa. 1822 was year when we lost (chihirome) which was Otono (Yozan) who was 9s feudal lord, teenage feudal lord in Tomo. In addition, daughter light (as for mother second wife Kotobuki) of only 2-year-old *tei died in the Edo era in October.

 It is known that Yozan Uesugi encouraged economy in affairs of a feudal clan reform. It reached all, and ceremonial occasion was no exception, too. We died because of smallpox in the Edo era, and kenko which became heir of chihirome in (1794), the eldest child of Yozan in 1794 was carried to Yonezawa. Parental affection that it is unbearable to make cremation is guessed, but there is indication that it was reduction of expense to do for cremation, and to lay in a tomb in Mt. Koya-san. When Yonezawa feudal lord dies, it suffered from Mt. Koya-san custom after cremation to lay in a tomb, but will be buried by the burial from feudal lord for eight generations when we died posthumously of kenko. Yozan directs clansman and citizen of territory to hold funeral service simply as well as person of Uesugi. Concrete study is problem how the way of burial of remains changed during history of Uesugi in the early modern times.


 In addition, "upper Sugimoto inside of the capital outskirts of Kyoto figure screen" of Eitoku Kanou writing brush which Nobunaga Oda gave Kenshin becomes display of reproduction (the second work = reproduction B).



▼ Collection talk

  Saturday, May 26, 2018

  14:00 ~

  <Location> Permanent construction exhibition room Uesugi brilliant civilization building

  ※Admission charges are necessary.


We look forward to your visit.



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