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◆jumbeidaigin**shin (joshin) snow fairy God◆ 

◆jumbeidaigin**shin (joshin) snow fairy God ◆ : Image

[international wine challenge 2018]

★ Silver medal ★ Receiving a prize!

It is liquor of offing brewing in Kawanishi-machi! Receiving a prize! Glad♪

It is Junmai Dai-ginjo Sake liquor using brewing suitable rice [snow fairy God) that was developed newly to teach large quality sake brewed from the finest rice brand.
We arouse by low temperature fermentation carefully and seem to be finished in clear taste softly!
Receiving a prize liquor! Please taste at this opportunity.

It is recommended to present midsummer gifts on Father's Day present birthday

"jumbeidaigin**shinyukijoshin 100%"

Silver medal wonderful in international wine challenge 2018 sake Dai-ginjo Sake section! It is liquor which won this! It is the liquor rice "snow fairy God" of new kind training
Please taste.

Warehouseman: Naka offing brewing
Inner capacity: 720 ml
Product cord: megami

Price 3,240 yen (tax-included)



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Shine brightly! Gift of local sake ~ liquor of Yamagata to Haneda liquor shop: Image

Shine brightly! Gift of local sake ~ liquor of Yamagata to Haneda liquor shop

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