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About pickup and drop-off of Sankurambo marathon event| Maizuru Inn

By Sankurambo marathon event plan to customer of reservation

About pickup and drop-off time on the day of the meeting

Hotel starting 6:50

Departure from venue 12:30 (we wait from 12:00)

●You can leave baggage at the front desk at the time of hotel departure.

※I would like check-out procedure at the time of departure.

●Departure from venue is plan of 12:30, but leaves as we wait from 12:00 as soon as it fills up from the first car. As if it is last 13:00, leave all, of missing please take so that there is not.

When we are not in time for pickup and drop-off time, I would like movement in you.

※We would like self-pay on movement by yourself.

Check-in becomes ~ at 15:00 on June 2.

Custody of baggage is possible before check-in.

As large communal bath is available for 24 hours, please enter relaxedly at time to have.


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