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Friday, July 13 window or "beer Festival" holding!

Friday, July 13 window or "beer Festival" holding! : Image

2018/7 13 days a month Friday 
Window or "beer Festival" holding!
  From 18:30 to 20:30
   5,000 yen per person is tax-included
 Draft beer all-you-can-drink!
  There is soft drink, shochu, too.
 Hors d'oeuvre dishes and others, mini-buffet-style
◆"Pink notebook" onstage♪
 We run penshonamitie in Tengendai
◆Annual fun lottery Ltd.
 A lot of height of contents! Under reservation acceptance!

Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka: Image

Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka

Hot spring accommodations "Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka" where dome-shaped fine-view terrace gets a lot of looks.

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