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Fire drill was carried out

Fire drill was carried out: Image

▲All of firefighting teams where photograph supports reliable security of Nagai-shi.
 It is clothes, action, reliable group where got rules well!

On Sunday, June 3, fire drill was carried out in around Nagai-shi government office by venue.
Firefighting organizations in Nagai-shi (firefighting team, the Nishiokitama administration association firefighting headquarters, fire department) gather,
It is carried out every year at this time.
※We reduce scale from average year and, on account of the venue, carry out this year.
Photograph introduces the state (*^ ▽ ^*)

▼We assume "fire gyo training-proof" fire and member of firefighting team drains water off and extinguishes a fire!

New attempt of this year, "help training" with fire department
▼On the city hall roof person for help…     ▼Rescue party dispatch!
▼Using ladder and rope in no time to the roof (゜ ro ゜)

▼We tie the roof and ground vehicle with rope and glide down while sliding! We rescue to ground.

Successively "march-past" by participation organization
▼It is firefighting team, harmonious dignified march!
▼Fire prevention club of each district, children of nursery school "looking out for fire!"
▼Performance is all of Nagai Elementary School brass band club♪

While all of participation groups is hot; really thank you!

★Nagai-shi firefighting team trivia★
 The number of the members: 669 people ※14 house women
 We are constructed in six branch offices according to district!
  The first branch office (civic center) 
  The second branch office (chihojiku) 
  The third branch office (west root district) 
  The fourth branch office (plains district)  
  The fifth branch office (Toyota district)  
  The sixth branch office (Isazawa district)  

 On-site activity of firefighting team,
 There are dispatch to the fire spot, flood control work (we pile up sandbags) at the time of heavy rain.
 In addition, for firefighting power improvement from Sun,
 ■Spring, autumn "fire drill"
 ■Participation in "how to handle meeting" to compete for accuracy, the speed of the handling and fire fighting of apparatus
 ■ Check-like check of apparatus to own every storage of pump

 We go to nadoo and prepare for what-if situation.

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