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Under recruitment of workshop participant University ★June 16 is this!

Under recruitment of workshop participant University ★June 16 is this! : Image

The herb garden fair 2018 date approached.

We are preparing by all the staff full operation now.


Under recruitment of participant University who introduced last time <weekend workshop>.

We divide information that we were not able to tell about into several times with flyer and guide.


   Okitama Park herb garden fair 2018 

       Jun workshop                 

Date <Time> Title Lecturer Experience charges Reservation (capacity)
Saturday, June 16 10:00
~ 12:00
Handmade her barium Komatsu flower shop
All Jinno
3,000 yen Reservation required (16 capacity)
Sunday, June 17 10:00
~ 12:00
In mint which is refreshing for summer
Let's make bus fizz!
Yoshiko Kato 500 yen No appointment necessary
Saturday, June 23 10:00
~ 12:00
Open space of picture book Friendly plaza
The staff
Free No appointment necessary
~ 15:30
Herb group planting lecture
[let's plant kitchen herb (beginner's class)]
makki garden
Makiko Emoto
2,000 yen

(Reservation required)

15 capacity

Sunday, June 24 11:00
~ 12:00
Herb cookie classroom Natsuko Kuroda 500 yen Reservation required (ten capacity)
~ 15:30
Preserved flower Yumi Nikaido 800 yen Reservation required (15 capacity)


It is introduction of workshop on June 16.



●〇 ● Handmade her barium ●〇●

The making of workshop her barium of Hanaya <Komatsu flower shop> of Kawanishi-machi.

In comfortable fragrance of herb garden

Do you not make popular haburiumu recently?


Her barium of this workshop

Special specifications that used dry herb to herb garden fair.

Even the first person becomes content that you can enjoy.


As it needs reservations, please do entry early.

Phone number 0238-54-1515 Kawanishi Town Tourist Association


Inquiry, application by email is Clik! in this
Please fill in participation hope lecture name, nomination, address, cell phone number (for communication on that day)






Kawanishi Town Tourist Association: Image

Kawanishi Town Tourist Association

It is the southern part of Yamagata Prefecture, tourist association of Kawanishi-machi in Okitama (Okitama) district. Bra.

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