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[Roadside Station food corner summer menu]

[Roadside Station food corner summer menu] : Image

It is about time when I come to want Nagai-shi that observed tropical day, thing cold soon last week.
In thing called this, it is seasonally limited in food court "la veil" of Roadside Station
We went to eat menu♪

▼Food corner "la veil"

At first...!
▼Chilled pasta with field mustard oil and Teraizumi tomato

Brand tomato "Teraizumi tomato" of Nagai to base using field mustard oil,
Colorful bright chilled pasta which vegetables fully appear in.

▼Cold don (chilled ramen)

Speaking of summer of Yamagata! It is "cold don" (chilled ramen)♪
Cold dondesu which vegetables fully enter pig and horse roasted pork fillet, and is luxurious.

▼Grated eggplant soba

Of waist which does not lose to soup of full-bodied soy sauce taste of chicken bonito base is strong
It is side. Deep-fried eggplant and frank lowering are excellent at affinity.
※Favorite one is udon udon, but♪

▼*々men which there is no chilled juice in

Fully use seasonal ingredients, and *々men of salad sense.
It is sesame-flavored and is appetizing. ※Noodles are specially made black noodles!

Besides, menus using fresh vegetables of products of the district are varied.
Taste to be able to taste only here by all means!
We come to "all and Nagai of river" and burn Roadside Station (*^^)v

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