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★Quit taste; "each ♪ 3 of three brothers"

★Quit taste; "each ♪ 3 of three brothers:" Image

●This is photograph at the time of early morning work of elementary school which is taken care of which the board head and the third son who are father tried hard! (we borrowed photograph!) As for everybody early in the morning thank you (^^♪


In fact, in the third A, ... national language is with weak point (particularly great kanji).

We obtain ... (;'д `) that we seem to almost leave one of the front when we learn person reason, new one? ? ?

Diary of homework of one which was messy the other day or the third son! We were almost shocked when it was written by hiragana letter.

So is after a long absence ... yesterday; was absent, but became Sparta of mother. ~ that A does not want to see kanji anymore wearily! We said this. ・・ ・ you will be Japanese? (=_=)

But it was reflection for myself whom we could not usually nominate on seeing study slowly and carefully. I'm sorry.

When we praised what we wrote many times and learned meaning of the kanji or structure not to pass together slowly, we have begun to do in sequence happily. Though when it comes to turn out that do not understand the study, is very fun; ... We promise to always always use kanji properly, and, in ... anything, it is possible for A if we do! We heaped up this.

... which seemed to have test of kanji today. With for each two points of 50 questions, standard mark is more than 90.

You should come home to oneself as much as you did your best!

You say, and what will you come home? ? ・・ ・ worry da ~ 


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