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["we eat Buddhist ascetic greens and map place with respect" and introduce!]

["we eat Buddhist ascetic greens and map place with respect" and introduce!] : Image

"Buddhist ascetic greens" which Nagai-shi is proud of whole country's best amount of production to
We told even former blog about the charm.
You could buy "Buddhist ascetic greens" in Nagai-shi and published restaurant in the city that we could eat
Buddhist ascetic greens eat, and "they issue place" map (*^ ∇ ^*)
In the city, we devise original menu using Buddhist ascetic greens and provide
Shops increase.
13 city restaurants and five cases including butcher shop are published in this map.

Photograph introduces some menus♪
▼"There is long ~, and center Hall is frank"       ▼Momoka tower Branch "dumpling with Buddhist ascetic greens"
▼Kusaoka ham "Vienna sausage with Buddhist ascetic greens" ▼ pea meat restaurant "Buddhist ascetic greens horse miso minced meat"

Buddhist ascetic greens excellent at various dishes and affinities,
After having eaten with moderate fragrance, we are not worried about smell unexpectedly either.
‥In thing called this, we had Buddhist ascetic greens menu in ranch
(*^. ^*)
It is "peperoncino of Buddhist ascetic greens and summer vegetables" of sharoa (the second floor of TASS).

▼Good fragrance is appetizing ♪ Color is pure with vegetables in the summer, too.

▼Of Buddhist ascetic greens is crunchy! For accent that texture that we made this has good.

Buddhist ascetic greens to be able to enjoy by various how to eat.
We acquire power with very nutritious Buddhist ascetic greens dishes, and let's survive this summer!

★We handle Buddhist ascetic greens and artefact in net shop★
Uncooked miso, lightly-salted miso with Buddhist ascetic greens, spicy oil to eat
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