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Uesugi Museum temporary exhibition "Boshin War and Yonezawa"

Uesugi Museum temporary exhibition "Boshin War and Yonezawa:" Image

Uesugi Museum temporary exhibition
"Boshin War and Yonezawa"

Session: From Saturday, September 15, 2018 to Sunday, November 18
  The latter period: From Saturday, October 20, 2018 to Sunday, November 18

[Closed] Wednesday, September 26 Wednesday, October 24
Display spare: You can look at permanent construction display on Friday for from Monday, October 15 to 19th.
<Host> Yonezawa-shi Uesugi Museum
Straight 250(200) Japanese yen in the admission charges public 620(490) strong yen very much straight 400(320) Japanese yen small
※() Groups rate more than 20 as for this  

 This year is 150 years from Boshin War of (1868) in 1868.
 Taking this occasion, in social violent change that the late Tokugawa period leads to early in the Meiji era
We introduce what kind of choice Yonezawa feudal clan did.
 While public opinion is divided into two over the foundation of a country or exclusion of foreigners, Yonezawa feudal clan is 1863
(1863) We did centering on Kyoto since we worked as cortege to general Ieshige Tokugawa in this and visited the capital
We participate in the nationwide political situation deeply.
 The Shogunate agrees with the Imperial Court and cooperates and aims at the system corresponding to national crisis,
We planned mediation with various feudal clans.
 And to save Aizu feudal clan considered to be "rebel against the Imperial government" in 1868; for mediation
Play a main role in the area, organization of Ou powerful feudal lords alliance, is militarism in Echigo
In place, we widened fierce battle in Akita, Iwaki.
 We explore the cause of the new government, construction of the new system after the surrender.
 In addition to trend that is political by this display, by the development of firearms the way of war,
Military organization reform, battlefield that were a chance to change society itself in its turn
Action and thought of soldier who proceeded to this, it was hardly known until now
We take up activity of hospital corps, reality of war including war burden on farmer.


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