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[Events of July, lake and river]

[Events of July, lake and river] : Image

Sunlight in the daytime becomes strong, too and is very near in the summer.
Summer is leisure and season of Events.
We introduce beautiful nature and Events two of Wed of Nagai-shi among the mountains!

<long foot pass walk 2018 machinaka Courses>

Foot pass walk of July is civic center!
Village guide toisshonimachinakaomegurimasu of black lion.
Does river to usually see have new discovery?

<Date and Time> Saturday, July 14, 2018
Meeting 9:00 a.m. interchange center aimlessly
Entrance fee 500 yen
Courses Interchange center aimlessly → Shrine ship landing place trace → Mogami River river green tract of land Park→
akashia bridge → Nogawa Bridge → Small cherry tree building → Marudai fanmaker→
Naganuma brewing → Wooden bell hammer river → Interchange center aimlessly
Contact  Person in charge of Nagai-shi construction section city planning
TEL: 0238-87-0863 FAX: 0238-84-5969
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<amphibious bus examination service>

Examination service of amphibious bus is the first among Yamagata!
Examination service is carried out to promote sightseeing in dam lake of Nagai.
How about getting on by all means at this opportunity?

<Date and Time> Friday, July 6, 2018, 7th Saturday, 8th Sunday
Courses [land route] Roadside Station with "all of river Nagai" ~ Nagai Dam one way approximately 10 kilos
[route] Nagai Dam "100 autumn lake" occasion grass swamp ~ one way approximately 1.5 kilos
Application Sightseeing in Yamagata Nagai station 0238-88-1831
Contact  Community improvement promotion section community improvement support room
TEL: 0238-87-0817 FAX: 0238-83-1070
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Details including service schedule is this

We are active, and let's spend this summer! \ (^^)/

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