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Sankurambo of Yamagata reaches the golden age!

  • Sankurambo of Yamagata reaches the golden age!
  • Sankurambo of Yamagata reaches the golden age!

As for the Sankurambo of Yamagata, the most popular kind "Sato Nishiki Cherry" reaches the golden age♪
Cherry picking of orchard does well every day, too★

Farming families is very busy for crop, shipment for present every day.
When harvest Sankurambo early in the morning at cool time before the daybreak, and is packed on the Sun earnestly; shipment work!
We display in box (pack) carefully by hand one by one.

We are compared with "bright red ruby" and "red jewel" well,
Sankurambo which displays neatly, and was encased is right like jewel!
It is a shame that we eat.

Sankurambo to harvest early in the morning has tension, and skin is crispy, and sweetness is different.
Sankurambo of present is the most delicious Sankurambo of almost all early-morning knob.
In Tendo Hot Springs, we hold "early-morning Cherry picking" tasting this Sankurambo which is in most delicious state from last year experience tour,
We can enjoy delicious Cherry picking this year so that there is one that we repeat and experience.

>>[6/22 ~ 7/3] morning knob Cherry picking tour accommodation plan of Sato Nishiki Cherry belonging to

>>[7/4 ~ 7/8] morning knob Cherry picking tour accommodation plan of deep red exceedingly high mountain belonging to

If seasonal time eats Sankurambo which there is not only for approximately two weeks, it is "now"!
It is taste wattekudasa ~ for taste of early summer of Yamagata♪

Accommodation Tendo Hotel formal HP of bimimotomeshin


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Accommodation Tendo hotel of bimimotomeshin: Image

Accommodation Tendo hotel of bimimotomeshin

It is the latest facility by the accommodation of Tendo Hot Springs maximum. May, 2015 renewal! sankai*.

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