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★See the third; MTB meeting in Akakura Onsen skiing area

  • ★See the third; MTB meeting in Akakura Onsen skiing area
  • ★See the third; MTB meeting in Akakura Onsen skiing area
  • ★See the third; MTB meeting in Akakura Onsen skiing area
  • ★See the third; MTB meeting in Akakura Onsen skiing area

★We see on the third on Sunday, August 26, and MTB meeting in Akakura Onsen skiing area is held

Do you not run Akakura Onsen skiing area cross-country Courses of early fall, 3,000m in total length, altitude difference 70m in mountain bike with all one's might?
Please finish running to physical strength by durability (six classes) for main race three hours!
Others, kids class (primary schoolchild three classes) have each class commendation.
We set running motorcycle class of child preschool than this time.
Meeting Details, please confirm summary.

●You do in pre-night and thoroughly enjoy meal of Mogami, and do you not enjoy nature?

Akakura Onsen accommodation plan (pdf) that can stay with special price prepares participant!
One-day spa facility which opened in Akakura Onsen,
Go to "Oku-no hosomichi" Akakura, and please use impossible hall.
The accommodations have Semi Hot Springs, Ohori hot spring other than Akakura Onsen.
 Details of the accommodations of Mogami-machi is this


Talk that "MC Jori" is fun during competition
In music that had request from player
We heap up venue (^^♪
Do not forget iPod and DVD!


Date Sunday, August 26 Rainy weather decisive action
Venue: Mogami-machi Akakura Onsen skiing area special Courses
[the application deadline] It must arrive by Monday, August 13
[inquiry] The association of Yamagata mountain bike secretariat
     〒999-3783 3-2-26, Honmaruminami, Higashine-shi

          The motorcycle sports kid

          TEL 0237-42-0561

          FAX 0237-42-1131

For more details, please see on homepage


<schedule >

 7 :00 ~ reception desks, tentative running
 9 :00 ~ opening ceremonies
 9 :30 ~ challenge kids race starts
From 10:30 to 3:00 interval durability XC race start
14:00 ~ commendation ceremony, opening ceremony


Summary of meeting this this (pdf)
Application downloading this (pdf)
Net entry is this


●We hold "yamameno school" by too diligent studio, Ken Dojo on the day before meeting.
Class reservation time: General (more than high school student) from 9:00 to 15:00
       Kids (less than junior high student) from 15:30 to 17:30
Application is this
In addition, we plan the small eve (jikomi) with the staff in venue from the evening!


Location: Mogami-machi, Yamagata Akakura Onsen skiing area
Address: 〒 999-6105 3480-1, Tomisawa, Mogami-machi, Mogami-gun, Yamagata
Association of Yamagata mountain bike secretariat homepage
Information of Mogami-machi is "MOGAPO"!

Satoshi Takahashi: Image

Mogami-machi tourist association

It is early summer rain notebook of Mogami-machi tourist association

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