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[firefighting how to handle meeting was held]

[firefighting how to handle meeting was held] : Image

On June 24, Nagai-shi firefighting how to handle meeting was held in the Nishiokitama administration association firefighting headquarters.
★With how to handle meeting★
 Member of firefighting team is the technically quick nature, certainty about the handling and operation of appliance for firefighting
 Meeting to compete for this. Preparations for tool for fire extinguishing → Drainage (fire extinguishing) → Until storing of tool
 A series of movement becomes targeted for examination.
 Posture of "kiotsuke", posture to carry hose on its shoulder, all of movement become a target of examination,
 It is marked every team.

Players acquire exercise desperately for several months and face meeting!
On the day p (・∩) q where Naka, exciting game under hot weather were developed

▼It is players just before start, great feeling of strain.

▼It begins to work by command of "leader" all at once,
 "Member of first" "member of second" "member of third" performs each role quickly!

▼We disappear with hose with all efforts to drain water off as soon as possible!

▼We drain water off towards mark. no which is cool (^ ゜)

[part of pump car]
   First place fourth branch office Part 1 first group (plains district) → To branch office meeting
   Second place sixth branch office Part 4 first group (Isazawa district)
[part of small pump]
   First place fifth branch office Part 2 second group (Toyota district) → To branch office meeting
   Second place first branch office Part 2 first group (civic center) → To branch office meeting
   Third place third branch office Part 3 first group (west root district)

On July 8 two weeks later, Nishiokitama Branch meeting is held in the place.
We want you to do your best as representative of Nagai-shi by all means (*^ ∇゜)
How to handle meeting can see general one, too. When you look at once by all means♪ 

☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
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