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Let's dynasty knob! Juicy Cherry picking tour

  • Let's dynasty knob! Juicy Cherry picking tour
  • Let's dynasty knob! Juicy Cherry picking tour

Morning knob Cherry picking to get up early a little, and to enjoy in morning refreshing air

"After all it is different! We felt sweetness more and we actually had and seemed to profit from morning!"

Adult is popular with children in this, too♪

Because Sankurambo saves nourishment at night,
There is tension in state that nourishment collected most in the morning and is juicy lightly♪

We are carrying out "morning Cherry picking tour" of Tendo Hot Springs until July 9★

You get up early, and, before breakfast, please taste delicious Sankurambo♪

■Morning knob Cherry picking tour "Sato Nishiki Cherry:" From the morning of June 23 to the morning of July four
>>Accommodation plan of set

■Morning knob Cherry picking tour "rouge exceedingly high mountain:" From the morning of July five to the morning of July nine
>>Accommodation plan of set

Accommodation Tendo Hotel formal HP of bimimotomeshin


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Accommodation Tendo hotel of bimimotomeshin: Image

Accommodation Tendo hotel of bimimotomeshin

It is the latest facility by the accommodation of Tendo Hot Springs maximum. May, 2015 renewal! sankai*.

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