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State in Donden-daira lily garden Thursday, June 28 garden

Good morning. It is Donden-daira lily garden.
We did all day yesterday in garden of rain, rain, rain.
Lilies suck in a lot of Wed and raise bud as if we were totally waiting for the rain.
Scenery in garden changed completely again from yesterday to this morning.

Garden this morning is inner as follows.

Lilies lily which had begun to bloom of natural cultivation came out.

Pink lilies of forcing culture (growth ohayameta)

We force this in front of the rest house (lilies which hastened growth)

Lily "lollipop" of natural cultivation that pink and white were pretty bloomed. What bloom on the left side "shasutadeji Becky" of perennial plant

Speaking of rain, it is "hydrangea"!

Perennial plant "arukemiramorisu"

It is rainy forecast today from the afternoon.
Take all of you umbrella♪

Dondondaira Lily Garden Image

Dondondaira Lily Garden

★Welcome to Iide Dondendaira Lily Garden ★The East Japan's greatest Yurien 7ha (Tokyo.

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