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★Mogami-machi shield native rice field art 2018

Design of this year "Kintaro"

It is news from shield native rice field art executive committee.
Shield native rice field art is the fifth year in this year.
Tsukidate Elementary School closed a school in Mar of this year, but, as for shield native rice field art which is greatest characteristic, symbol, symbol of former Tsukidate Elementary School, exercise is based in student of former Tsukidate elementary school precinct and former Tsukidate elementary school; "saw ametto, and there was cooperation of local, too, and the sports Boy Scouts" finished rice-transplanting safely.
We put wish to want you to flap powerfully even if school closed a school as for design "Kintaro" of this year.
We came to see smart and manly eyes of "Kintaro" little by little.
You can see the situation of rice field art on homepage.
We take shield native rice field art to H26 ~ H29 on Mogami-machi government office homepage.
We actually want to see! We can look at called this with rural scenery of Mogami-machi from scenic dome of former Tsukidate Elementary School. Please confirm viewing calendar.
Viewing Sun and time are limited. We hope that we have it be understood.


We printed design "Kintaro" of shield native rice field art 2018
We sell "rice field art support towel".
I would like cooperation for future shield native rice field art activity.


●One piece of shield native rice field art support towel: 500 yen
We sell in Tsukidate plaza (former Tsukidate Elementary School).

 Reference about shield native rice field art

Contact The shield native rice field art executive committee secretariat
[address] 〒 999-6215 Mogami-machi, Mogami-gun, Yamagata larger section of a village Tsukidate
      Tsukidate plaza (former Tsukidate Elementary School)
Phone number 0233-43-2597 
      Only as for the viewing Sun (in the case of absence, thank you for your understanding by urgent business)
[E-mail] tatekko.tamboarts@gmail .com

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