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The ~ first that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

It will be story more than 40 years ago now. It was a certain winter, and I got off on bus of Yamako at Marunouchi Nikkatsu. Purpose is to go to library in south bank of a moat.

 In shrine-like fazado of Greek style that the library was unbecoming to castle town Yonezawa, relief of Yuichi Sakurai was raised in the front and was very, very dazzling. It is thing built in 1954, but does not become known as right photograph has explanation called "fiber building" whether it is only back that was built as library either.

As it moves to current Okitama synthesis Cultural Center in 1975, it seems strange that it was position pardon in only more than 20 years. We made so excellent thing.

 As for it, third grader who was interested in Tomo corner, the local history discovers very interesting party in supplementary correction Yonezawa Jupiter list (published by resale Tadashi Nakamura great work December 1, 1965). It,

We start  from Meiji 32, in front of Tachimachi post office (as for the office the west of present place) and do for horse tramway opening, two years to Komatsu, Akayu and abolish.

It is description called this. It was remembered that horsecar was running to Yonezawa in heart somehow.

 They were various documents at one time because it was railroad fan, but whereabouts of the railroad did not become known to document that railroads of the whole country were gathered up afterwards as the pivot without appearing nowhere.

 Because it is before we begin shop, it will be approximately nine years ago now. We have begun to be worried about description of chronological table which we witnessed at the age of elementary school suddenly. Would that be really written? Possibly would it not be own misunderstanding or dream? Memory became considerably vague, too.

 We were able to certainly confirm the above description after a long absence when we checked chronological table toward library. Description that was important for page before it was written one more was discovered.

 Meiji 32, one, 11

 Toyo River coal mine horse tramway foundation,

Board member Kuniharu Kurata, Yoshio Takano.

The name of company became clear. Is one Toyo River coal mine coal mine which was where? Though it is written that it linked Komatsu, Akayu from Tachimachi, where is one Toyo River? And Kuniharu Kurata, Yoshio Takano will be someone. Question appears in sequence and disappears.

 Well, we lay character a little more and will check. The first library coming and going in 40 years began. And question just deepened so as to check if we checked.  


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We are resident in Yonezawa-shi. We open coffee beans shop on June 28. Sampling for free. Charcoal fire roast coffee and depression.

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