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The ~ second that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

In the first place what kind of vehicle is horsecar? As it was asked some customers, we want to explain. Briefly, carriage which horse attracts is vehicle running on rail. Then question why carriage runs expressly on rail springs out.

As for it, road circumstances at the time have a problem. In other words, there was not good road where was in condition to be able to run carriage smoothly so. Therefore we laid railroad on the road to spread track on the road, and to plan stable service. Railroad tie is filled up under the road, and it is running current streetcar in the same structure.

 We have various opinions in the origin of horsecar. We were used for luck charcoal use at first in British coal mine, but New York and harem railroad which we opened in 1832 is said for railroad for full-scale business first by American James sutefason. It spread through each country and appeared in Paris afterwards in London, 1873 in 1870. Horse tramways suddenly spread as public transport which linked the city in this way. For example, there was horse tramway in most cities in the United States in the 1870s and reached number of the companies approximately 700, orbit extension approximately 13,000 kilos, number of the vehicles approximately 32,000.

Tokyo horse tramway started a business  in Tokyo in Paris in our country in 1882 for * rerukoto nine years. Extend Shinagawa horse tramway to purchase, Shinagawa afterwards between Asakusa Shimbashi; and ei

The work was black management well and allotted. Streetcar had movement called opening (Kyoto electric railroad, 1895, Article 7 station Shimoaburakake interval) in Kyoto and, in consideration of the issue of feces and urine of horse, renamed Tokyo horse tramway to Tokyo train railroad in 1903, and train driving was started afterwards in Tokyo from August. And horse tramway of Tokyo was finished.

But there will be many places to introduce horse tramway in tn. out of district from now on, and the time when 48 companies jostled in the whole country in 1912 becomes peak.

It is found to say 1897 from article of Yonezawa Shimbun staying in municipal library that Toyo River coal mine horse tramway of the main subject was planned. Because it was 1899 that it arrived at Yonezawa, Ou south line would enter preparations at Fukushima to get ready in it assuming the line coming.

Then what kind of intention was this railroad planned for, the next issue in fun?


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