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The ~ third that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

On June 24, 1897, such an article was published in newspaper called Yonezawa Courier.

●Horsecar between Komatsu Yonezawa

We are going to be able to let go through, and, as for Ou railroad, petition of raising right makes all mistakes in the tenth assembly in Yonezawa-shi for Uetsu Line lifespan in the next spring and. It should be shi ruha four or five years later though it is said that we wait for the eleventh assembly and petition more, and kan kuo gets the cherished ambition if we do completion of Uetsu line. As for the last freight, shibutaienryu seba, freight of Nishiokitama one county use Ou Line enough again like before; ability zarubeshi.

There is thing to look at here long ago in supporter of Higashiokitama-gun Komatsu. It is shi rishioshi for progressing that inscription does this very much again, and agreement serare, supporter of our city do not right all establish company as for the influential person of the town by plan that we lay railroad between Komatsumachi and Yonezawa-shi and freight of both counties all does collection in Komatsumachi and does by horsecar quickly in soku* and has and does not use Ou line very much. Good kana, this kyo.

 When supplement place slightly hard to find, construction is begun at first by Aomori and both Fukushima, and Fukushima says to Ou railroad with Ou north line toward Aomori Ou south line; in September, 1905 in Yuzawa, Akita all; put. In addition, Uetsu Line is current Yonesaka Line, but say the opening of business four or five years later as of 1897, but, actually, all; time when is more than as for what put through for 40 years in 1936 is over.

 In other words, it is plan that it is said to lay branch line called horse tramway to Yonezawa, and to build the distribution system as it is point for the time being that railroad comes to west, Higashiokitama-gun. It was just plan of Komatsumachi volunteer and was horsecars plan from "Komatsu to Yonezawa" according to title.

 This is not written in newspaper for summer after this article was published so that there is nothing. And such an article appeared suddenly on October 23.

●Toyo River coal mine company is going to take place

When as it is slightly long, we summarize,

Fuel soars by demand for firewood and charcoal increase remarkably. It is that method to save assumes coal alternative fuel. However, there was not convincing coal mine in Okitama district, but Toyo River coal mine company is organized this time by projection of local influential person.

 After carrying out inspection of the ore at riding ground Shimpachi (the navy, shipbuilding major) homecoming, although the Toyo River coal mines were not very good, as for the coal of the place, quality was for railroad with thing of Iwaki coal mine, and they seemed to be enough the other day. And it was estimated that it was profit of more than 2,000 Japanese yen if there was profit of 3 yen 70 sen than firewood which we currently used per day and did for one year when we carried out examination of heat in Tateyama filature (Yonezawa filature).

 As for brewer, the dyeing supplier, profit of one year is vast in Yonezawa-shi to use large heat if we exchange firewood and charcoal with coal. Besides University of all cities becomes happy if citizen uses this. We will hope for foundation of this company early.

 Generally it is such contents, but there is not detailed explanation of Toyo River coal mine. This place was current Takamine, Iide-machi, Nishiokitama-gun, but it would be for name Toyo River coal mine as it was Toyo River village in those days.


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