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The ~ fourth that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

Article that Toyo River coal mine was going to happen on October 23, 1897 was published. And "jinrikisha railroad laying plan between ● Yonezawa Komatsu" is announced on 24th, the following day. And article called "jinrikisha railroad between ● Nagai Komatsu" appears on 27th. Power varies from horse to human being, but this seems to be relations of budget. Probably expense might be lower in person than horse.

 When we summarize this article,

 There is plan to lay jinrikisha railroad between Yonezawa Komatsu with foundation of coal mine company, and to carry coal from coal mine. We carry general freight to it, and it is desirable for person to let you take besides. As for the one-year U.S. transportation between current Yonezawa Komatsu, gosenda has ichimanda, liquor, and there will be nenkansammanda if we add up freight and descent load coming from Echigo. In addition, as for the thing commuting by carriage and jinrikisha, as for the traffic for eight months (except winter season snow Naka), it is 1,200 if we do with 50 people a day. Rate of freight is ichidasanjugosen, and jinrikisha is 40 sen now. It is 15,300 yen a year if we add this up. However, we can carry six roundtrips saying that three people take one car if we lay jinrikisha railroad, and, as for the freight, as for the carrier concerned with this, it is 3,200 yen a year if we carry ofukugoda if we pay wage of 40 sen on a total of 8,000 personality, day.

 There is profit of 12,000 yen really if we deduct 3,200 yen than conventional fare 15,300 yen in thing called this. It may be what and vast profit. In Yonezawa Komatsu interval, it is possible for 18,000 yen if we estimate this company costs if 2,000 yen suffers though we lay 1 mile of rail at 9 miles at the outside and we add expense to need to freight train preparation and will be enough for approximately 20,000 yen.

 Oh, is such a small capital; of 12,000 yen even if pay officer or other expenses if is profitable, allotment more than 50% a year will be certain. In (Fukushima Yonezawa interval), salt which we carried using Mogami River, all the things such as oil are sent to Yonezawa by transport by rail after the railroad penetration until now and are particularly delivered to each district from there. Therefore profit of jinrikisha railroad between Yonezawa Komatsu will be that it is more and more as roads of freight transportation and person increase as the convenience to transportation improves. Laying of this railroad is big engine increasing local happiness. We hope that local volunteer is stirred up, and this plan is carried out as soon as possible.

 In what's called this, article on 27th suggested extension to Nagai. Root of current Yamagata Railroad that it leads to Akayu from Nagai via Imaizumi, Miyauchi to attract attention here is what was planned by Nagai, volunteer of Miyauchi.


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