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The ~ fifth that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

◎Coal mine analysis and personality of riding ground new eight

Article called coal of Toyo River coal mine was published in Yonezawa Shimbun on December 7, 1897.

Advance in arrival at steps in child coal mine of larger section of a village hand named Nishiokitama-gun Toyo River village in news seshitokoronaruga, from that time when it is often in foundation serarentoshitsutsuarukotoha this newspaper of excavation sentote Toyo River coal mine company; in a few days foundation application of doing to carry; shi reritoiu. Thus, it is, but Director former Zosen is enough, and, as for the coal of the coal mine, the most excellence and designation serareshi reason do national coal again in collection seshi from each site in Yamagata throughout the prefecture by analysis shitaru in past year Yokosuka shipyard; riding ground Shimpachi is kei gu in present situation of zo raretaru dokosan and analysis list in company foundation promoter in the profit tareba left.


The Toyo River coal mine present situation

We regard Higashiokitama-gun (mistake of Nishiokitama-gun or hitsushajutsu) Toyo River coal mine as circulation with the opening of homecoming in poor person this year. It is like the outline left.

Coming does direction of honko together with one of slant to take a turn for the northwest from the southeast and soko crudely, and it is said that it is, but longitude does uniformity in 12, three times than 5 or 6 degrees, and, in koatsu, there are many places of 4 or 5 sun of 2 shakus. honkotan is mail for exposure seruo i te, transportation in right and left of prefectural road. It is extremely appropriateness to industry type and bath use though we do coal like separate table, and inferiority consists of this country Middle Kyushu or Hokkaido charcoal. Thus, make company with method beautiful with person coal mining transportation equal to station, and firewood and charcoal substitute and happiness lid of place that gets profit of supply important no ryoshashu muru place if do do this; is niarazarubeshi a little. Write down the right present situation; is tsuge gu for i te home boy.

August, 1897 riding ground new eight mark

Child coal mine analysis list of the hand

Wed 15.56

Coke 36.20

Ash    7.27

Carbon 51.85

Oxygen 20.49

Sulfur 0.49

juhi 61.39

Volatilization thing 40.88

Quality of coke non-caking

Sad light color 

Hydrogen 3.78

Nitrogen 3.78

Effective hydrogen 1.22

 This number oneself did not have how much value, and it was not revealed whether it was number what kind of than other coal mines, but would person at the time think that you should trust?

It is man who  riding ground new eight coming out during article boards it for the first time in verge Japan which tested balloon in naval officers from Yonezawa on May 21, 1877, and rose to 100 meters. There might be utility value to attach authority for celebrity as such even these days in hometown that 20 years passed.


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