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Her Baru tarot fortune-telling

Her Baru tarot fortune-telling: Image

Herb garden special plan
The Yamagata's first landing!
Her Baru tarot fortune-telling
Four days limitation of from Friday, June 29, 2018 to Monday, July 2
 <Time> In 11:00 ~ hot spring ridge lobby
 Special plan rate
 ●Ten minutes ... 1,000 yen
 ●20 minutes ... 2,000 yen
 ●30 minutes ... 3,000 yen
※We can extend.

Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka: Image

Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka

Hot spring accommodations "Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka" where dome-shaped fine-view terrace gets a lot of looks.

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