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The ~ sixth that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

◎Appearance of rival called Misawa firewood and charcoal company

Article called "firewood and charcoal company of Misawa" is published in Yonezawa Shimbun on December 1, 1897.

According to it, we are carrying firewood by Thu sink now, but plan that we carry charcoal to lay orbit, and to produce from firewood to cut and bring down more of Tazawa, Yanazawa to Tsunagi and the district to 6 miles to dinner town from Shinsuke Ito's house of company founder (Misawa). We get over accommodation expenses and sybaritism costs and kan* in Kiba and pull expense of bad road transportation with reward of casting besides in rataitosui, and komotome will do kyo ritaru cheapness firewood and charcoal now. There is when we hope for speedy establishment.

In addition, the profit will become vast if we gather things which establish large branch office, and all gather firewood and charcoal to produce from Sekimura, additional land tax, Niijuku in this company as well as firewood and charcoal of Misawa, and let atezenichidaishijo appear and come to vicinity of the station of Hanazawa promptly here from the additional land tax Niijuku area and we transport than Kasugayama Shinto shrine trace,

Story swells out in this more and more.

In addition, we report that Tazawa coal mine was discovered at the same time.

 Shinsuke Ito of founder is prestigious family from the time when large peak was the main important doctrine in members of prefectural assembly after the 1889 prefectural assembly first meeting. Kanetsugu Naoe pulled Wed of ogre Mengawa in the Keicho era year and made Kiba river to drain Tazawa, wood of fuel of Yanazawa as driftwood. We follow until 1935, and this Thu sink handed over the role to truck, but wood just drifts downstream, and it is said that there was considerable loss when buried among the bottom of a river. In addition, only young man seemed to be able to do this work because he entered surface of a river by hard work all day physically.

 Orbit which we planned becomes handy Thu way in newspaper then. It is Thu way not railroad. Thu way is track which set up iron plate in Thu and is stuff used before railroad in the U.K. Kayanuma coal mine railroad (Hokkaido, the 1869 opening of business) which was said to be the nation's first orbit in Japan, Thu way company (Miyagi, the 1882 opening of business), orbit (Shizuoka, the 1891 opening of business) between Fujieda Yaizu were open using Thu way.

 We report that we finish orbital surveying of Misawa firewood and charcoal company at this point in time. The route goes straight down way of Tateyama from Misawa to dinner town.

Toyo River coal mine horse tramway and business outline including supply of fuel and delivery using railroad closely resemble this plan and they roll up municipal assembly and present aspect of confrontation.


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