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The ~ seventh that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

◎Mediation of merger discussion with newspaper

 Article called by merger of 0 Yonezawa five components business was published in Yonezawa Shimbun on December 16, 1899. The article is this.

(abstract reading through.)

 "We may not say big business if we see this with brightness of the eye of space size, but thing to cast capital of tens of thousands of yen will be counted as big business in Yonezawa. Besides, in these business measuring the public benefit common good, and increasing happiness of native district very much. Five components business planned now

  • Jinrikisha railroad which reaches child of the hand through Yonezawa Komatsu
  • Jinrikisha orbit between Komatsu Nagai
  • Jinrikisha orbit between Tazawa, Yonezawa
  • Toyo River stone coal mine
  • Tazawa stone coal mine

There is in this. It is assumed that hear this plan for public works project of native district together; and of business greatly this as for the profit as for this newspaper hope for being established as soon as possible. However, it is not yet launched the said business together. Why is it that we hesitate and are hesitating? It is because profit collides each other and there seems to be thing which we are anxious about in mutual relations between companies partly of promoter.

 Jinrikisha railroad and Toyo River coal mine between Komatsu Yonezawa of these five components business are plans of the same promoter, and we share the interest let alone this, and the advance or retreat is the same. However, there is collision of profit with railroad between Tazawa Yonezawa very much. There is for the purpose of this business founding firewood and charcoal company, and carrying firewood and charcoal wood by this railroad. In addition, railroad between children of Yonezawa hand plans to carry wood around the Nakatsu River and firewood and charcoal, too. It is such a thing that aspect of the profit collides.

 Business advances little by little, but because it is expected that there is not so much freight, railroad plan between Nagai Komatsu may be nuisance for stockholder, but freight of west county gathers in Akayu of Ou line when we do not connect this line. Therefore profit of the railroad will be big if we gather freight which after all is connected between Nagai Komatsu, and should gather in Akayu to Komatsu and meet and part through Yonezawa.

 If we combine these business we establish office in Yonezawa and Komatsu and carry firewood and charcoal wood and sell this and establish passenger car and do on flight of traffic, the profit is big.

We ask administration official. Plan public profit with brightness of the eye as the immensity without doing kyu々 only in saiomoisanko, realizing profits of self exclusive possession."

 It becomes arbitration proposal-like article called this. In addition, description to be promoter of Toyo River coal mine has owner of Tazawa coal mine and there might be plan of merger, but does not realize.

It is plan to bind together between Yonezawa Komatsu Nagai  by jinrikisha railroad not horse tramway by this article, but distance feels like being too long for jinrikisha slightly. 23km, Yamagata Railroad Imaizumi Nagai interval were 6km current Yonesaka Line Yonezawa Imaizumi interval, and jinrikisha railroad of 29km in total did not exist in Japan. When 15.9km, Isumi track of Chiba were 15.5km, and Nabeyama jinrikisha train service of Tochigi was realized, it might become the Japanese longest car orbit.

In addition, it is jinrikisha railroad planned in Tazawa - Yonezawa-shi (dinner town), but I doubt whether you can give vehicle with of person despite empty load to Tazawa in slope of Tateyama very. As the person concerned did not do plan, it might be plan with unreasonableness both if carrier who carried out a real activity said.


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