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The ~ eighth that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

◎Opposition movement and failure of Tazawa handy line

 According to the history of Yonezawa-shi assembly,

We submitted construction application based on the orbit regulations to the governor and, at the time of 1897, were accepted. However, on the basis of opinion of local inhabitants, as for the right or wrong, city assembly decision became requirements in the regulations, and it was question from Governor Kuro Kikuchi in December of the year.

 kyuhodokoshishikai on December 27, the same year decided the presentation of a bill in the Diet of governor question plan of Otaki new Chairperson Juro "Tazawa handy line construction".

 We constructed rail starting from puncheon bridge on slope of Toshin that is four, three slopes, street to two Sakashita barrier Tateyama Exit dinner town entrance and we operated truck and, according to the handy line plan, were going to measure supply of life fuel to citizen.

 It became statement of active yes and no opinion following this suggestion explanation, but we did with careful problem, and the chairperson entrusted Choshimizu, Chuzo Fukazawa, Shintaro Hariu, four people of Shiro Aoyagi with investigation and called for report including intention of area inhabitants in the city assembly early next year.

 Report from four committees was made by the city assembly on January 12, 1898, and the next problems were spoken.

  • If four ken of road width is less than, it is narrow, and it is not said that there is no trouble on the civic traffic.
  • Forest worker in Tazawa place is removed by becoming railway. Though it carries away Thu on supporting the family budget by much working alone of Lord Yozan, and this may be connected for the abolition.

 In contrast, orbit supporter, Choshimizu, Satoshi Tsunashima, opponent, Yukichi Ishizaka set up argument on behalf of comrade each again, and it was finally with voting, a lot of opponents in giryo in * of the chairperson.

 The point at issue on the opponent side had safe traffic priority of roadside inhabitants, and the city assembly decided no and report to do for question of the governor, and it was virtually in fantastic convenience line. (than history of municipal assembly)

 Is not written in the municipal assembly history, but according to Yonezawa newspaper in dissenting opinion of Shintaro Hariu "do track named the Toyo River for public works project, and is thing planning citizen's profit. (omission) Tazawa handy line thing which suffers harm to save is said ru to a one-third of what and all cities. There is with (omission of the latter part). In addition, Yukichi Ishizaka who spoke dissenting opinion links the name to promoter of Toyo River coal mine horse tramway, and he is board member and person that it is afterwards.

From this, movement to remove it because Tazawa track line broke smells that a part moved Toyo River arikide earlier there having been.

 Supporter was Otaki new Juro (the mayor), Seisho Ikeda (both feathers bank's president), Satoshi Tsunashima (Yonezawa justice company's board member), Choshimizu (councilor) and others.


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