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State in Donden-daira lily garden Saturday, June 30 garden

Good evening everybody. It is Donden-daira lily garden.
We give thanks than visiting of many customers, all the staff heart while it is hot today.

Large drop of rain fell from the evening. As it stopped immediately, big influence was relieved to lilies as we did not appear.

By the way, it is lilies of natural cultivation of Yurien, but is gradually in full bloom.
We came to understand the state that flowering advanced to day by day.
It is right place such as opening in the golden age.

Business is Donden-daira lily garden which there is no by night in lilies, usual times after rain, but improves this site-limited, night Yurien.
Please enjoy.

Dondondaira Lily Garden Image

Dondondaira Lily Garden

★Welcome to Iide Dondendaira Lily Garden ★The East Japan's greatest Yurien 7ha (Tokyo.

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