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Thank you for your many visits!

Thank you for your many visits! : Image

Thank you for your many visits in okusansei*sho while intense heat of here these days and sudden heavy rain and weather were not stable.

There is product performing out of stock partly at store and is sorry. Of such a thing want to be careful that there is not.

And "Sankurambo" made specially in Higashine is person paragraph at the end of last week.

There are many other kinds, too and follows a little more in Sankurambo season.

Please drop in at okusansei*sho casually when you came to Higashine.


〒999-3709 2-5-24, Rokuta, Higashine-shi, Yamagata


TEL: 0237-42-0157


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[gluten of Muda] okusansei*sho blog: Image

[gluten of Muda] okusansei*sho blog

It is hard to break into pieces and is sold production of "gluten of Muda" of texture with elasticity. Fried gluten handed down.

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