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State in Donden-daira lily garden Wednesday, July 4 garden

Good morning. It is Donden-daira lily garden.
Only some slightly big rain went down last night.
Cloudy empty garden is inner this morning.
Weather forecast of today's Hagyu, Iide-machi district is milder rain from around 3:00 of the afternoon. Please prepare umbrella on visiting.

Garden this morning is inner as follows.

Perennial plant to add flower of "phlox Natasha" parasol design to bloomed this year.

"African lily" is growing up. We grow big year by year. Bud looks at suutto in point of lengthening stem and gets.

Dondondaira Lily Garden Image

Dondondaira Lily Garden

★Welcome to Iide Dondendaira Lily Garden ★The East Japan's greatest Yurien 7ha (Tokyo.

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