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[during land and water for two uses bus, examination service conduct]

[during land and water for two uses bus, examination service conduct] : Image

Do you know "amphibious bus", everybody?
According to the name, it is bus which can run through both land and water.
It navigates using screw like common bus in run, the water in the land.

In Nagai-shi, consider whether you utilize this bus for sightseeing,
For three days of 7/6 ~ 7/8, we are carrying out experimental service of this bus.
※Recruitment of participants to examination service has been already finished.

Here, photograph introduces state of prior service for the people concerned performed in 7/5♪
It is Courses going sight-seeing in "dam lake" (Lake 100 autumns) of Nagai Dam by Roadside Station departure and arrival.

▼The appearance of bus is this!
 As size was big, we attracted attention at parking lot (゜ o ゜)


▼Backward screw turns around if we enter Wed!

▼Starting progress! We go to Nagai Dam.
 Many walkers waved their hand during run.

▼As there is not window, it is like opening! Wind was comfortable ('∀`)

▼We arrive at dam lake. The first powerful charm is moment of death by drowning to the surface of the water!
 In all the members "the Boone" with no shout.

▼We go ahead through surface of a lake among green slowly in every direction.
 As for the atmosphere that gangs are different from scenery to see from the land, and is fantastic.

We thoroughly enjoyed Courses of one lap of 70 minutes until we returned to Roadside Station.
We were able to enjoy scenery for a feeling of sense, air unlike getting into common bus, boat♪
Future operation of amphibious bus becomes undecided,
As you send even this blog if information becomes available, please expect!
Please wave hand this weekend if you see bus in the city (*^ ▽ ^*)

※This amphibious bus does not go to three deep waters Valley.
 Three deep waters Valley boat touring is held particularly. → From this

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▼Application from this!


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