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The ~ ninth that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

◎Movement of Toyo River coal mine horse tramway foundation

When movement of Tazawa handy line became active in Yonezawa, advertisement of stocks application was placed in Yonezawa Shimbun on December 9, 1897.

Stocks application

Toyo River coal mine       Stocks (blanks) stock

Mr. right ha oneself ni o te undertaking ke kokangoryosho no twist company articles of association regular ni commercial law no rule ni sub-hi stockholder Tal duty o funinaikachiko*

The Meiji date              Messrs. Toyo River coal mine promoter                                                  


It seems that we fill out paper of this newspaper with 0 0 and propose stocks.

We gave town the other day in Komatsumachi and developed exercise for horse tramway realization.

 According to the Kawanishi history book about the town second volume, Mayor large Kawatsura large Komatsu submits vice-monkey book of the following company foundation permission application to agriculture commercial affairs minister Miyoji Ito of time. (the Kuratas document)

  • No thing violating kan te law order
  • It supplies coal named cheapness if you sell dai to expensive firewood and charcoal in the thingless public interest to hurt its late public peace according to life of orbit competent authorities and gives the transportation convenience to transportation and the i teseba commerce and industry development expects small amount other than wage more and should wait. tokosho nashitosezu which these assume gain to the mass of people. In the said coal mine, place as loss of interest in human dwelling will be fear to hurt its manners and customs in the future if become; should cut. 
  • Conventional mover lets undertake transportation of freight and coal; without coming to need several hundred workers, and there is about and coal mine being accompanied, and giving zetogyosha obstacle
  • The said coal mine of air circulate, and do not become also suitable for method this of ventilation, or generally there is no coal transportation road in fear of flat danger. All kio no of health of employee injuring
  • Trust degree of display person each person is the most suitable person
  • Of demand for brown coal, in recent times coal rise; forthcoming; see more, and will get good result in the future; beshi.
  • Subscription for capital amounts of money is favorable
  • Capital is few, and can achieve purpose of company with capital of prospectus; beshi. Prefectural road both sides, no of orbit laying required

 The right person this time from seven Honcho larger section of a village Kamikomatsu Kuniharu Kurata outside is tsugokyokasonarikoyokofukusarushiko* of remmukoreyosomitomekokanhonjintosarusei of *chosakotokokan te imperfection for Toyo River coal mine horse tramway foundation application each fu


January 25, 1898



Agriculture, commerce and industry minister baron Miyoji Ito


 However, there is when we applied to the Secretary of State for the Home Department for diploma according to in what, in addition, you attach diploma of the Secretary of State for the Home Department by fate such as the commercial law, the orbit regulations and must apply for.

 It became clear that company name having become "Toyo River coal mine horse tramway" from this vice-monkey book, representative of this plan said with Kuniharu Kurata.

Still, there is when we need several hundred workers to this vice-monkey book, and it is revealed that it was considerably big plan. Do not know how much reserves Toyo River coal mine assumed, but such as some big furoshikis feel like, but how.

 In addition, there was story that it is sometimes from plan that we saw in jinrikisha orbit so far, but comes back to horse tramway again. After all we might think that it was impossible for person to do by power when we thought about distance. When plan of last Tazawa track line is rejected in municipal assembly, railroad carrying fuel can grasp as unified by this Toyo River coal mine horse tramway, but still various obstacle waits.


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