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The ~ tenth that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

◎Kuniharu Kurata and the Kuratas and horse tramway

About Kuniharu Kurata who became representative of this company by last issue. "History Kurata country order work Oitama Nipposha issuance of the Ise Grand Shrine low ranking Shinto priest Kurata clan" tries to pick up from "published by Yamagata Prefecture assembly each generation member of the Diet directory Yamagata Prefecture assembly" as document.

Kuniharu was born in Yonezawa Castle Shimoshimmei Katamachi as the Kurata country direct no second son in 1849 (1,849). We acted as small shrine palms such as Uesugi Shrine, higashichokotashinkyu with what became Sumomoyama-mura Suwa Shrine small shrine palm in 1872 as a start. In addition, the eight years Okitama prefecture jurisdiction Shinto edification control, encouragement of industry out of Okitama prefecture land tax section take and dismiss dokyunenokitamamonoken. We are appointed for Shinto secretariat first mate, the 685th divine wind religious association's vice-president, the decade by Yamagata Prefecture Okitama Shinto office work branch manager. We were appointed by the second great ward clerk of the age Yamagata Prefecture, kumushoshin*yohanashikakari, Nishimurayama-gun county clerk.

Kuniharu becomes Inspector Yamagata Prefecture tenth class suddenly here in September, 12. It became duties section duty in Yachi police station filling, police headquarters filling, April for 13 years, but retires at our own request in August.


This is not over level of guess, but it feels like it having been in remote cause to be concerned with horse tramway to have become Inspector this Yamagata Prefecture tenth class.

That is because it is that Yoshio Takano who makes combination in Yonezawa newspapers other than Toyo River coal mine horse tramway was police officer at the same time. (koyagiyushodenjosenchicho) pass, the recognition include Yoshio Takano with starting for the new post for police employment examination of Fukushima in 1876. Administrative division of police station of Yonezawa has headquarters to Fukushima, and Yonezawa is said to be when it was in form called the branch. We did police officer until Meiji 9 through 14.

There is not we know, quitting whether two people knew each other by sight, but, as for Yoshio, fate cannot but feel thing which is not shallow from what we invite younger sister fence of Kuniharu to afterwards then so that the back goes.


We were appointed than Inaba pipe length for Okitama Shinto secretary general, 18 years in large lecture, same year for meichijusannensankeikenkotenkokyushoiin, 17 years by shokyosei.

We are elected member of 16 years Kamikomatsu-mura village meeting spare preceding it and start local member of the Diet. We were elected in member of association of school district municipalities meeting, member of Higashiokitama-gun whole village alliance meeting, members of Higashiokitama member of prefectural assembly filling a vacancy immediately for the fourth for each Higashiokitama-gun representative from association of village, 17 years in member of the village assembly, the same year.

 We successively hold various members of the Diet, committees such as member of Higashiokitama-gun alliance hygiene society, member of alliance encouragement of industry society, product investigation committee, member of the board of education, member of Investigation Committee for income tax and perform much contribution afterwards.

 Kuniharu that popularity is warm makes a foray into private business.

We take office as Yonezawa Shimbun's board member in auditor, the same year of Yonezawa hydroelectricity in 1897. And we become the representative director of Toyo River coal mine horse tramway on February 15, 1899.

 Older brother sincerity of Kuniharu is born as Yonezawa in 1847 (1,847), and it is Tokyo prefecture south Adachi hundreder as government official busily in kyobusho, Okayama, Yamagata Prefecture, Fukushima, Tochigi in transfer, 1886, and it is voluntariness dismissal in 1894. Meanwhile, Senju horse tramway to Kasukabe-cho, Minamisaitama-gun starts business through Kitaadachi-gun, Saitama Soka town than south Adachi county Senju teakettle bridge in February, 1893. Sincerity transferred its domicile in Komatsumachi from Tokyo in December, 1893 and was the opening of business to return to Komatsu just before that. And we die at 49 years old for 28 years.

 It was private message, but probably you made older brother sincerity simpleness and easiness to be called this horse tramway to younger brother Kuniharu, and did you not instruct kyakukaryohoun beru transportation method?   


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