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The ~ eleventh that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

◎Tables of Toyo River coal mine and jinrikisha railroad plan

As rough estimate, operating profit and loss of founding are published in Yonezawa Shimbun on 30th on October 29, 1897, we try to see Details. In addition, I decline that it still becomes plan of jinrikisha railroad not horse tramway at this point in time.

〇 Jinrikisha railroad laying rough estimate between Yonezawa Komatsu

The amount of one Fri 19,767 yen 50 sen fixed capital


Fri 13,500 yen 9 pounds rail nine mi (mile)

         But it is one mi 1,500 yen


Rail insole Thu out of Kinzo 137 yen 50 sen city

         But it is ichikansanjushichisengorin

Fri 180 yen    But it is one ken of 20 sen right laying costs

Fri 600 yen     Make kashashiju*tadashi; one 15 yen

Fri 500 yen     Make kyakushaju*tadashi; one 50 yen

But it is set 20 yen Kinichi 100 yen kurosshingu five sets

Fri 500 yen     Initial expenditure

〇 Jinrikisha railroad operating profit and loss budget

One Fri 8,170 yen         (the income total sum)



But it is ichidanijugosen

1,600 Kinichi 1,920 yen passenger Kinichi

But alone 20 sen

One Fri 5,234 yen        (the expenditure total sum)


But it is ichidakyusenatenimangosendafunjinfuichijinichinichishijugosen Fri 2,250 yen freight carrier salary

But carrier salary for Fri 720 yen passenger car restores going in one three-passenger car carriers with one visitor cart drawer carrier

Fri 100 yen    The rail repair costs

Fri 80 yen bridge wage costs but for eight months to one month 10 yen

But whole one is addressed to the Fri 80 yen passenger car repair costs for one month

But it is 50 sen the Fri 160 yen freight train repair costs for one one month

Fri 200 yen president salary

One month 15 yen alone for two Kinzo 160 yen office worker salaries

One month 8 yen but alone Kinzo 184 yen staff four salary

But it is 15 yen two Kinzo 160 yen rent place for one place of one month

But it is 10 yen two Fri 240 yen office expenses place for one month

Fri 100 yen    Auditor salary but for two people

Fri 200 yen board member salary but for four people

Fri 400 yen sundry expenses

Deduction Fri 2,936 yen       (pure gain)

    (October 29, 1897 Yonezawa Shimbun)

〇 Toyo River coal mine company rough estimate

The amount of one Fri 10,000 126 yen 95 sen fixed capital


Kinzo 1,986 yen mine lot transfer Fri

   But tsubo 1 sen 0.5% is addressed to 95 sen 0.5%

Fri 2,400 yen    Thu way laying costs but from mine lot is the 2,400 yen ground rents to Teno child

Fri 200 yen      But one gallery 40 yen is addressed to open well costs

          Is similar; and for five galleries

Fri 200 yen      But it is tsurukuchibashikuchibirukuwataganekatetsuchitoshijujinfun instrument appliance costs

Fri 450 yen    But it is floor space 30 tsubo to one tsubo 15 yen miner room architecture costs

Fri 160 yen     But it is one tsubo 20 yen office architecture costs

          Floor space eight tsubo

Kinichi 1,800 yen    Make umabainyuhijugotofuntadashi; one of them

By 60 yen (without calculation matching note)

Fri 600 yen    Make umashaumagubainyuhitadashi; is 20 yen for one of them

But it is use between Komatsu Yonezawa 12 Fri 180 yen luck coal waggons

Ten Fri 150 yen luck coal waggons but from mine lot use between Teno children

Kim Ku 15 yen 55 sen discretionary reserve

〇 Coal mine profit and loss budget

One Fri 23,700 yen         (the income total sum)


Fri 10,950 yen Yonezawa-shi proceeds

But do to one 30 sen; and 36,500 bale

Fri 2,700 yen    But perform proceeds to one 27 sen to Komatsumachi and neighboring villages; and 10,000 bale

Fri 10,050 yen    choichokyunaichooyobikinzaibaijokintadashi

         It is 33,500 bale for one 30 sen

One Fri 15,354 yen      (the expenditure total sum)


But one of them 40 sen a day is addressed for 30 Kinzo 1,000 yen fodder costs

For 30 Fri 2,625 yen horsekeeper salaries

But alone 35 sen a day

But it is one bale fare between Kinichi 1,095 yen Komatsumachi, Yonezawa-shi

To 3 sen is similar; and for 36,500 bale

Fri 2,800 yen    To one coal digging costs 3 sen 0.5% is similar; and for 80,000 bale

Kinichi 1,200 yen    To one mine support costs 1 sen 0.5% is similar; and for 80,000 bale

Fri 400 yen      Underground haulage costs but at by one 0.5% for 80,000 bale

Make Fri 640 yen choice charcoal and zotanhitadashi; by one 0.8%

Kinichi 1,200 yen    From mine lot to Teno child fare but by one 1 sen 0.5% for 80,000 bale

But it is break of one 1 sen for 80,000 Fri 800 yen person charges

Fri 150 yen     Ladies and gentlemen tax

Fri 160 yen     But it is eight months by 20 yen the Thu way repair costs for one month

For 30 Fri 75 yen horseshoe costs but by 1 yen 50 sen

Fri 45 yen     But it is whole one 50 sen for 30 harness repair costs

For none of Kinzo 100 yen engineer salaries by one month 25 yen

But 15 yen is 10 yen per person for two Kinzo 100 yen office worker salaries for one month per person

Fri 100 yen    But it is one storage of Teno child coal reserve for rent one year

Fri 60 yen    For sundry expenses one year but by one month 5 yen

But it is 1 yen luck coal waggon 50 sen the Kinzo 128 yen carriage regular luck coal waggon repair costs for carriage one one month

Deduction Fri 8,346 yen        (net profit)

(October 30, 1897 Yonezawa Shimbun)

It was estimate that profit was secured from the first, but how would stockholder look at the neighborhood?


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