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The ~ thirteenth that horsecar was running to illusion ~ Yonezawa called Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

◎(1) which overlooks rapid completion of Toyo River coal mine horse tramway

Advertisement of stocks application was placed in Yonezawa Shimbun on December 9, 1897, but application lays remarkably; because there was not, was placed for three times campaign article to expect rapid completion from June 25, 31.

 We deceive ministry of well-informed person of our volost and see large naruo which increases common good public benefit of me person and our town as soon as Toyo River coal mine horse tramway is going to be founded, and inscription does right kyo. Desire the rapid completion earnestly, and, in our native district, Toru kubekio preaches great happiness fortune of the day the success if do early all day long, and our native district receives the damage of the day besides if is late even for the establishment day; kerumonotaruo theory auction. Scold, is also susumi rugotokunishite, very slow feeling aruha anything zoya in arrival at plan steps of the said company. Or there is mischief that saves and becomes, or is going to interfere with kodai naruo netami mitesono business of the profit that use suruo does not yet know convenience, but we collect, and it is or asks, and at first the said company raises several purposes of foundation to the left, and ignorant masses arite of roadside bigotry is going to bother careful reading of the world.

"The public interest in traffic"

Road is connection of this country. Nerve. That to make the human body, and attendant wazaruaraba disease occurs for contextual constitution growth by all means, is i sazarubeshi by business authority of sezaruaraba part of nerve by all means. Land araba apparition of a living person whom nerve does not know is exhausted that toko araba evil practices that we make nation, and contextual society progress is not accompanied with occur by all means and does not fall down. National *kyo of means of transportation and social progress of *susumi sezarubekarazaru really advantageous road in both banks sezarubekarazaru fruit of writing is. Thus, we cross daimyakukambammine named my volost railroad now and it goes through tansen promptly from the east end of Yonezawa and passes through Yamagata and enters Akita and appears in Aomori and does with connecting line in Japan railroad Tohoku line. To commander giving big severe earthquake for means of transportation of our native district close; there is to come. It is enough branch line this. Narrow tube is enough. As soon as vessels lack in each attendant wazaruaraba part shino business in this again and we quit nerve and produce evil practices in a moment, and 100,000 apparitions of a living person do not wait for idea which becomes exhausted again. We let we deceive ministry of us and found coal mine horse tramway, and assistant assistant my volost Okitama three county lips and teeth ke car phase does each part of depending, and we let you do alacrity and occupy nourishment if enough and do means of transportation, and *kyo of country accompany by nerve with large vessels, and soe occupies social progress and we have and plan the national development and are going to plot public convenience. We reach Yonezawa through Kubota than Komatsu, and the main line diverges than Kubota and does with the shi ruo first in Akayu and we let subsequently we extend in Nagaimachi from Komatsu and Akayu and do nourishment of each in Takabatakemachi and boshiomotte part in the light of live broadcast after the Ou line penetration besides, and it be completely more and more and do connection of each each branch line narrow tube and are going to occupy if quicker and quicker.

"The public interest about use of coal"

It is **nyo kunarugotokishikari in naruha fruit indispensable to the life of fuel in the life of food. Thus, the social development increases demand for firewood and charcoal more and more, and industrial progress finally needs supply of fuel. The social development does not know the place to stop as *々. We see place that industrial progress makes prosperous, and does the limit and limit colander, and there are going to be mountains that the wilderness of there being is only for only for supply of firewood and charcoal again. kakakueki々ko* does supply of firewood and charcoal without being accompanied with demand and it is difficult and is going to fall into Sun in our native district life in year whether you put *dai of kyo and koroshasanrin if you decrease supply of firewood and charcoal more and more. Thus, we obstruct the industrial development again, and unpleasant sentosuruno-proof is afraid of social progress, and there is. Without planning for our native district, and demanding fuel in big plan of public many years outside using measures war and thing older brother fertile land to want; it is not. Avoid this as quality inferiority abusively, and still pass through trial boring of supporter arite dozens of ken of nonstop operation dauntlessness afterwards without doing in discovery arishitoiedomo misfortune of the best coal which can be suitable in the ground, fuel of Nishiokitama zen rishikashite several years ago, and getting person of digging person, is big happiness narazuya of our native district in digging suruo profit taruha fruit with at last good coal. It is reason that founds shu rusukoburu difficult matter taruoikaga, this this company by engagement suruniarazumbasono effect in experience person this which there is, and is going to plan the public interest of our native district very much at the same time to need capital of business taruya a large amount of zen ritoiedomo digging.


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