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[with all of kawaberingu Star Festival Festival << in river Nagai >>]

[with all of kawaberingu Star Festival Festival << in river Nagai >>] : Image

On Sunday, July 8 in << all and Nagai of Roadside Station river >> Star Festival Festival
Performed ゜.: **. ★ヽ (*' ∀`) no

Strip of paper which wish was written swings for wind and is beautiful.
Have wish of all realized...♪ ※Small bamboo display until 12th Thursday

By the way, by the way, it rained here and there in the morning, but little children in spirit
Gather...♪ It began! sakurambomato expectation game!
We splash species of Sankurambo only in child and present cake if we win matoni.
Unexpectedly difficult ~! Is Tokyo residents; had a hard fight, but would enjoy?...(*'v `)★☆

From the afternoon, sunny interval depends on vanity ocarina player Toshiro Kaneko, too
Ocarina concert was held, and wonderful tone echoed in Roadside Station♪

~ discount ~
Storage of Yoshifumi gallery collection in "all and Nagai (Roadside Station) of river"
It is displayed. We run chapel in Nagai-shi and are lover of artworks, but
It is sculpture performed collection of by late Yoshi Kato Shiro whom there was.

The storage of Yoshifumi gallery are country houses of late Kato, from 2016 through 2017 of approximately 75 points
We were donated to Nagai-shi with sculpture. As it is not released now
In Roadside Station was displayed.

When came to "all and Nagai (Roadside Station) of river" to play, is * ninattemitekudaine (*^^)v by all means
※As for the display, it becomes just on Sunday, July 22.

☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
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