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State in Donden-daira lily garden Saturday, July 14 garden

Good morning. It is Donden-daira lily garden.
Today's weather is fine forecast.
Morning that it is easy to spend when refreshing wind occasionally blows from morning.
Small birdsong is very wonderful.

Garden this morning is inner as follows.

From under maple

"African lily" opens flower towards the sky.

"Hill of lily" area
Yurien becomes hill country. Suppose; please sometimes look back toward the back while finishing. In addition, we think that you can enjoy different scenery.

Snow-white "Annabell" like swelling thickly.

Perennial plant "liatris supikata" this is white. We come to see flower from now on. Is several years; extremely increased.

Dondondaira Lily Garden Image

Dondondaira Lily Garden

★Welcome to Iide Dondendaira Lily Garden ★The East Japan's greatest Yurien 7ha (Tokyo.

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