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State in Donden-daira lily garden Wednesday, July 18 garden

Good morning. It is Donden-daira lily garden.
Cicada has begun to chirp in garden.

Hot Sun continues day after day.
Please be careful about all of you physical condition enough.

It is Yurien this morning as follows.

"Hanazato of lily" area came to have little number of flowers.

State of "contact flower bed" across north side bridge in garden area
Scenery changed in vitamins orange color main.

teppo lily bloomed. Figure which kuitto bends and turns to the side and has a heated is unique.

It is "liatris" which improved the other day.
White house centipede is flower.
We collected * kimononomitsubachigabumbuntobimawarinagara honey.

In front of rest house
Rotation is full of bright red torches in monarda of perennial plant.
(monarda = Japanese name torch so)

Dondondaira Lily Garden Image

Dondondaira Lily Garden

★Welcome to Iide Dondendaira Lily Garden ★The East Japan's greatest Yurien 7ha (Tokyo.

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