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[it was season when "Ranunculus aquatilis" bloomed]

[it was season when "Ranunculus aquatilis" bloomed] : Image

Brook and waterway where hot Sun flows through the roadside to successively look cool
Nowadays. "Ranunculus aquatilis" blooming when we peep out in Wed and see
We came to see.

Is "Ranunculus aquatilis" told to inhabit only clear stream, but of Nagai
We can observe downtown in many places of waterway streaming down length and breadth inexhaustibility.

▼Brook which flows through the side of city "Suzuki brewing Nagai Kura."
White flower of 5 valves such as plum shakes in Wed frequently.

▼This "Yakushi-ji Temple." In waterway to go round around grave.
・・Seemed to miss season ・ a little, but ...

As is expected, "Nagai of Wed and green and flower"♪
"Ranunculus aquatilis MAP is made, too". This to one hand of visiting waterways
Walk is good, too; shin (*^_^*)

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