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[with "Buddhist ascetic greens" of Nagai by stamina supply]

[with "Buddhist ascetic greens" of Nagai by stamina supply] : Image

Special product "Buddhist ascetic greens" of Nagai-shi "alpine leek" and "Chinese chives"
Health vegetables which got cross-fertilization, both good places♪
Nutritive value is abundant, and the vivid fragrance does not allow pest to come near,
It is cultivated without using pesticide on the basis of compost.

▼Meeting, producers full of performed eyes increase every year.

▼Buddhist ascetic greens

●Request of Buddhist ascetic greens from this●

※We send dorishita Buddhist ascetic greens in the morning with being fresh.

Even if we will have boiled greens with dressing and put in the fry-up, it is delicious,
Artefact of Buddhist ascetic greens is recommended, too.

▼Uncooked miso with Buddhist ascetic greens

▼Buddhist ascetic greens lightly-salted miso

▼Spicy oil which eats Buddhist ascetic greens

It is full of Delicacy which we packed with taste of Buddhist ascetic greens.
When you want to add small embroidered design in one spot to usual dishes, please use.
We match rice well.

▼Buddhist ascetic greens Vienna sausage

Vienna sausage which is delicious even if we just eat.
b where flavor of Buddhist ascetic greens becomes more attractive more by baking (゜ Д ゜)

◆ Request of Buddhist ascetic greens, artefact from this ◆

In this summer when it is easy to be ill with strong heat,
Let's survive with power of Buddhist ascetic greens! Σd= (ω-`o)

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