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Uesugi brilliant civilization building "first public exhibition Yozan Uesugi connection and the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji period document"

As for the Uesugi brilliant civilization building of 2018, you want to see cultural assets of connection mainly on national treasure, precious historical materials under the theme of "first public exhibition Yozan Uesugi connection and the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji period document".


[display period] From Thursday, July 26, 2018 to Tuesday, August 21  


<< filial heart of the fifth Narisada Uesugi >>

 Much domestic administration documents around Yozan Uesugi are included in document in the early modern times of person of national treasure Uesugi document. This document can have a glimpse of daily life of families surrounding Yozan in Edo and the exchanges between clansmans of Yonezawa to serve near the side of (nochino ichiichidaihanshu*tei) of 10s feudal clan treating chiefly wide to young successor. Three letters to introduce are joint signature forms that Suda multi-relation length sent all by joint signature to *kokyuroheieimatsurigotoi of Yonezawa if Oishi left low dining table rope of Edo is rich.

 All spell filial heart of childish *tei. Successor of 10s feudal lord Haruhiro Uesugi was chodankenko of Yozan, but would let you invited danko*tei (grandchild of Yatsushiro feudal lord Shigesada Uesugi) of the whole families to the eldest daughter three princesses of chihirome as son-in-law and succeed because he died without becoming feudal lord, and boy of chihirome died young.

 We buy *kokyuroheiei of address, Oishi left low dining table of projecting, Suda multi-relation for the whole families in family name said under an alias how many people. *kokyuroheiei is *dammatsurigotoi of Yoshimasa Nozokido who led affairs of a feudal clan reform as one arm of Yozan. matsurigotoi was the part of nurse of kenko, but was ordered the part of nurse of *tei on June 28 of the year when kenko died on 5th for New Year holidays in 1794 (1,794). We acted as page brain of chihirome from ha, 1788 (1,788) full of Oishi ropes of Class samurai. Mitsuru Suda length was ordered page brain in Class samurai on April 21, 1794, too. It is thought with the ga seat of honor full of Oishi ropes which are senior, and signature lays paraph with letter of joint signature again later. Document name is karatotteimasu of high rank full of Oishi ropes. *komatsurigotoi and ha full of Oishi ropes acted as Yonezawa feudal clan service job (caretaking chief retainer) and were granted Sengoku, and they finally took the center of politics. Mitsuru Suda length became shokokuyakuokusho. The master of Mitsuru Suda who committed harakiri alone of the ringleader of Nanatsue disturbance against affairs of a feudal clan reform of Yozan is same tribe, but is each descendant divided before the Edo era.

 It is the contents, but it is thought with informal thing which low-ranking Suda multi-relation sent to *kokyuroheiei, and there is thing of joint signature which there is not of paraph by popular name with letter of atedaiishihidarizenkoho, Suda multi-relation length joint signature in *kokyuroheieimatsurigotoi on at the same day of the same month when we fix Details in hojo. Sentence terminates in "deep respect", too, and address becomes "state", too. In contrast, it is thought with official thing which spelled high-ranking Oishi rope rich ga because there is paraph, and one written in real name is over in "osore々kingen", and it is "lord" in the address.

 Young wakadenyo*tei which worried about what goes clings to sleeve to meet daidenyojutei which was Yatsushiro feudal lord while Yozan suffering from toothache inflames cheeks and cries and waits for keeping all-night vigil to kaesakan of Yozan and, with behavior of *tei which is relieved, and was pleased with voice of "you return, and touch", praises with gift of everyday education of Yozan.


 In addition, "upper Sugimoto inside of the capital outskirts of Kyoto figure screen" of Eitoku Kanou whom Nobunaga Oda gave Kenshin becomes display of reproduction (the first work = reproduction A).


▼ Collection talk

  Sunday, August 5, 2018

  14:00 ~

  <Location> Permanent construction exhibition room Uesugi brilliant civilization building

  ※Admission charges are necessary.


We look forward to your visit.



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