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[ummai Yamagata Marukajiri 2018 early fall issue]

[ummai Yamagata Marukajiri 2018 early fall issue] : Image

As for the Temp of today's Nagai-shi, 33 degrees ‥ ‥ hot Sun continues ('ρ `A)
sonnanaka introduces autumn taste of Yamagata earlier!
"ummai Yamagata Marukajiri!" to send seasonal thing to at the most delicious time
Flyer of early fall issue was completed♪

▼Flyer is this

 << new product >> delicious apple "Shinano suite" "King forest"
 ★ Famous brand tomato "Teraizumi tomato" of Nagai
 ★ Edible chrysanthemum of texture "is the most unreasonable" briskly
★ Large, plump sweetness and fragrance "secret bean"
 ★ Autumn specialty "potato stewed set" of Yamagata  
 Is nadonado, umma ..., and please enjoy autumn taste (o^ ∇ ^o); no

Order to this. (TEL: on 0238-88-1398, weekdays for from 9:00 to 17:00)
We can purchase in net shop! Please see by all means♪
★Net shop is this★ 

And autumn is season of new rice of rice granary Yamagata pride♪
We discuss the rights and wrongs of very popular discerning rice! (as for the delivery of ※ new rice from after the middle of October)
New kind "snow young circle" of Yamagata Prefecture expectation is during limited number of reservation acceptance, too.

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☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
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