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It is held for 2018 in Mezami Festival summer

Mezami Festival is held in the summer for 2018: Image

- PDF file [mezamimatsuri2018.pdf]

2018 starts on Saturday, August 11 in annual Mezami Festival summer at Mezami no Sato tourism product building, tray time.

Fukushima Roadside Station product exhibition is horse by simultaneous holding this year in Roadside Station-limited product and shin tsu, too! Come to thing by all means how as you have and look forward towink

Besides, please check Events period-limited bargain product and limited plan nadotakkusanarunode, ↑ flyer ↑.

In addition, repeater holds a lot of Events "snow Festival of midsummer" this year every year on Wednesday on 15th!

On the day Events participation receptionist plans from competition start 15 minutes ago. As participant has premium, you participate, and please enjoyyes


■Six days of from Saturday, August 11 to Thursday, August 16

■Until from 9:00 to 18:00 ※During period, closing time is changed by Sun. As for the Details, please see flyer.


Mezami Festival

Mezami Festival: Image

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Tomoya Abe: Image

Iide-machi | Roadside Station Iide | Mezami no Sato tourism product building

Taste seasonal in Iide Roadside Station "Mezami no Sato tourism product building" along Route 113.

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