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[special product "Buddhist ascetic greens" of Nagai-shi broadcast on TV]

[special product "Buddhist ascetic greens" of Nagai-shi broadcast on TV] : Image

For Nagai-shi where Sun which Temp is high in leads to, excessive heat as for the farm products
Seem to get rid of some spirit, but is special product of city in that
"Buddhist ascetic greens" This grows up quickly and healthily.

▼State of field and crop of "Buddhist ascetic greens" in Hanazukurimachi, Nagai-shi.


We tell even our blog about states of "meeting held in the early spring full of eyes",
We recommend even online shop and oldness and shopping
Healthy vegetables "Buddhist ascetic greens" will be introduced by TV show.

♪  "Buddhist ascetic greens" State of meeting full of eyes from this  ♪

You might have looked at everybody.
It has just finished Daisuke Miyakawa of MC visiting farm products, producers of special product of the whole country, and being produced
Delicious program tasting dishes using ingredients, "perfect score ☆ blue sky restaurant."


<Date and Time>  :  Saturday, August 4 6:30 p.m. ~
        "Perfect score ☆ blue sky restaurant" affiliated with Nippon Television
Contact  : Kotaro Endo (Buddhist ascetic greens producer) TEL 090-6430-8370

☆ ☆ ☆  Program preview from this  ☆ ☆ ☆ 

☆   Request of Buddhist ascetic greens, Buddhist ascetic greens artefact from this   ☆

"Buddhist ascetic greens" When it is good opportunity to have you know this widely, we are glad.
Let's spend hot summer eating "Buddhist ascetic greens" which are stamina vegetables well!

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