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Long Wed Festival / Mogami River fireworks display was held

Long Wed Festival / Mogami River fireworks display was held: Image

"Long Wed Festival, Mogami River fireworks display" was held on Saturday, August 4.

We send state on the day only a little!



▲Of opening ceremony it comes to look like.

It was hot 1st early in the morning…!

Is it easy to only spend time more than usual because there was wind? We mistook this.


▲We came this year! "Kin-cho, Okinawa interchange product exhibition" killer☆

From Nagai-shi and various Kin-cho, Okinawa that interchanged, delicious "full ripeness mango" arrived this year!

We had sampling, but there is no most suitable for in sugar content indulgently, too!





▲This is state of "experience corner" where "river and PIA 2018in are long".

Children who participated including log limit experience and backhoe experience did their best while sweating!

Because Temp was high, we originally experience at heavy rain experience corner while putting up the umbrella

There seemed to be a lot of children who experienced alone (laugh)





▲At quite popular Events "fish notsukamidori meeting," you were able to participate in many children!


Conduct that we are divided into four groups where are lower than primary schoolchild. Fish and toy are shot; the contest.

We drove fish into corner and got very well!



▲Fish tsukamidorio children who finished played with water comfortably!

We let you envy u ~ and say (;_;)



▲Yukata pageant was started at the evening.

"Part of junior high school, high school student" "part of the public" and two branches♪


A lot of one where smile is wonderful participates,

One where particularly general part dresses yukata well neatly is (;_;)


Trip to Taiwan was presented to general part champion this year!

Appearance live to cousin and radio which came to look at fireworks after the contest together!

Really congratulations!



▲And "Mogami River fireworks display" was started at night!

When it was the evening, venue was crowded very much…!


We have a hard time walking (;'д `)





As for the comfortable river wind of Mogami River, perfect fireworks are ideal day while drifting to venue side♪

(*^ω^*) which was able to look at very clean fireworks



By the way, how would be "long Wed Festival, Mogami River fireworks display" of this year?

Blessed with weather, we performed circulation of shuttle bus to fireworks venue daylong.



It appreciates heartily to have been able to hold fireworks display thanks to all of you safely.

In addition, in intense heat became held, and there was worry of heat stroke, but seemed to be taken measures everybody properly, and there was not that it was in one of heat stroke at all!


Thank you very much.

ゞ which we will wait for in venue again next year (● 'ω `●)




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