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[as for the tray to Roadside Station "all and Nagai of river"]

[as for the tray to Roadside Station "all and Nagai of river"] : Image

(^^)/ which holds tray Festival in "all and Nagai of river" this year
It is full of pleasant Events including behavior and game
We look forward to your coming.

☆ Saturday, August 11 ☆
・10:00 ~ fusentakesanniyoru balloon performance
・Dish simmered in 11:00 ~ potato behavior (the first 100 people)
・13:00 ~ cake sukuidori (the first 30 people) 

★ Sunday, August 12 ★
・So orchid himeyuuemmai which has thick 10:00 ~ good point
・Behavior (the first 100 people) that ~ chilled ball does not come at half past 10
・11:00 ~ /14 time ~ Pocky Masa jag ring performance
・13:00 ~ cake nosukuidori (the first 30 people) ※Child-limited

☆ Monday, August 13 ☆
・10:00 ~ chilled amazake behavior (the first 100 people)
・We splash seeds of ~ watermelon at 13:00 and play a game (the first 20 people) ※Child-limited

★ Tuesday, August 14 ★
・10:00 ~ bar Nic and rock, paper, scissors meet ※We present cake if we win rock, paper, scissors!
・Break ~ watermelon at 13:00; meeting (the first 20 people) 
・15:00 ~ target practice game (the first 50 people) ※Child-limited

☆ Wednesday, August 15 ☆
・Behavior (the first 100 people) that ~ chilled ball does not come at 10:00
・Half past 10 ~ Nagai songs and ballads club songs and ballads, dance show
・Whenever is only ~ river, and stay at 15:00; bingo meeting (the first 200 people)
      ※We participate at guidebook counter from 14:45 and accept in those days (one piece per person)

Of the above, besides, plan is preparation shiteorimasu ヽ (*^^*) no in particular the Bon Festival, too
〇 In one that was bought at ... cash register on August 12, 14th
               Handmade Sasamaki present! (both Sun first arrival 50 people)

〇 Lot society to get ... public lottery on August 13! By the one first arrival that was bought at cash register,
           We perform practice of store lottery which "one piece of public lottery" hits.

▼In addition, there is Yamagata noumma ~ at product corner, and thing performs various preparation!

Tray is next teogoyai for Roadside Station "all and Nagai of river" by all means♪

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☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
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